FairyCOCKmadah is 26 years old, brown, long black hair, average constitution. His ethnicity is asian and speaks English

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What make me happy: i like everthing in its hotness

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SeductionMaster is 33 years old, brown, short black hair, athletic constitution. His ethnicity is white and speaks English

SeductionMaster about himself: you will notice nothing in your life was the same as the day it was when you found ME.I am a adream and a nightmare in one body. you will immediatley know and feel without a doubt that im strong.

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xSWEETBARBIECUMx is 22 years old, brown, shoulder length brown hair, petite constitution. His ethnicity is asian and speaks English

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MuscularGOD is 27 years old, brown, short brown hair, athletic constitution. His ethnicity is white and speaks English

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BeMySexDream is 22 years old, green, short brown hair, average constitution. His ethnicity is white and speaks English,Spanish

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